How frequent emails need validating?

If an email address has been validated, it’s important to check it frequently as email validation status can change. This is because email services and other third-party services can periodically check the validity of an email address by using a number of methods, such as checking for bounces or verifying against their own blacklist. This means that an email address could become invalid over time even if it was valid when it was initially validated.

Another reason why the validation status of an email address can change is due to changes in the domain or organization associated with the address. For example, if a domain is no longer active or is being used by another organization, any emails sent to that domain will be bounced back as undeliverable. Similarly, if an organization changes its name or rebrands itself, any emails sent to its old name will also be returned as undeliverable.

It is therefore important to keep checking the validity of an email address on a regular basis in order to ensure that your emails are delivered correctly and not returned as undeliverable. This is especially important for organizations who rely heavily on their emails for communication with customers and clients.


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